The Boat


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The original "narrowboats" were pulled by horses. Most of the space on board was for cargo with just a small cabin for the boatman and his family. Modern cruising boats have kept the original length and width of these boats, but offer much higher standards of comfort! Our boat, N.B. Triumvirate, has been fitted out as a purpose-built language school.


Plan of the N.B. Triumvirate:


The upper bunk beds fold down during the day, making long bench seats. There is storage space for your possessions underneath. The three washbasins and two showers have hot and cold running water and the spacious kitchen is well equipped for preparing meals for large numbers of people. Heating is by warm air blowers.


Photos of the N.B. Triumvirate


There is seating outside on the front deck for around 7 people (we sometimes have lessons there) and about 30 square metres of roof - great for sunbathing. Even with twelve people aboard the boat is not crowded, but privacy is obviously limited. Fortunately you can always go for a walk along the towpath with no danger of getting left behind.


The kitchen:


Throughout our journey the canals pass through charming villages, with equally inviting pubs! Travelling at walking pace gives us the best opportunity for discoverling unspoilt rural life, for chatting to people and for really relaxing - something most of us don't do enough of in the modern world


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